RITOS is the new projectby Stefano Seletti, which explores and researches the different forms of interaction between fabrics and materials.
Born gender free. For one, for all at the same time. 
Ritos has no gender and no limits.

All RITOS garments are handmade in Italy and every single piece is designed and researched to meet every need.
Our goal is to make clothes and accessories using highly qualified labor. To compose a RITOS product, in fact, a meticulous manual process it’s needed to make them unique and different from each other.
The attention and care we put into the research of materials and their packaging make RITOS garments of the highest quality products, far from the logic of mass production and large-scale distribution.
We believe that wearing RITOS is a manifesto in itself: freedom of being ourselves, creativity and movement.


The brand becomes a reference for a refined style and reinvents everyday life with a magical touch. Dreamed and produced handmade in Italy for all; RITOS wants to be gender free to leave us the possibility to express our personality in the infinite forms of being ourselves.